Dental Implants And You

Dental implants are not the only means to help restore your smile that your dentist possesses. But there are many benefits that the procedure has over others, as well as drawbacks. To learn much more please contact Dr. Jeffery Kendrick of Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville, GA.

Correcting Gaps

A missing tooth is more than an aesthetic concern, because of the empty spot surrounding teeth may shift and could lead to problems with spacing and alter your bite. If the teeth become too bunched together they can create hard to clean areas, which can make cavities all the more likely.

Your dentist can restore your smile and in deciding the type of treatment that best suits your needs, consider the benefits of dental implants.

Benefits Over Bridgework

Dental bridges continue to be a very reliable method of restoring missing teeth. The procedure requires using the teeth adjacent to the gap to be reshaped to accept a crown and act as support for the replaced tooth. Dental implants, however, are supported by a titanium post that's permanently implanted onto the bone and acts like a replacement root for your new tooth.


Of similar types of procedures, dental implants are the longest lasting and it all comes down to the way they work. The implant itself becomes permanently bonded to the bone through a process called osseointegration. The healing time for this to occur can take months but the results will last for many years.

Restoring Multiple Teeth

Just like they can restore a missing tooth dental implants can help when you need to replace multiple teeth. Whether it is a partial or a full denture it can be supported with dental implants. The best part is that you typically require fewer dental implants than the number of teeth you're replacing.

Dental Implants in Fayetteville, GA

Come into the office to discuss expectations and options and to find out if you're a candidate for dental implants. Make an appointment today with Dr. Kendrick of Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville, GA, by dialing (770) 460-9795.

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