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The Benefits Of Dental Crowns

Find out what this common dental restoration can do for your smile.

If you or a family member have been told that you need a dental crown, or you’re simply curious to learn more about the dental restorations and treatments our Fayetteville, GA, dentist Dr. Jeff Kendrick offers, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Heritage Dental Associates, we provide our patients with a wide range of restorative dentistry including crowns. These restorations are great for preserving and re-strengthening weak, decayed, or damaged teeth. Here are just some of the benefits:

A Lifelike Restoration

As your Fayetteville, GA, family dentist, we know that nothing is more important than receiving a dental restoration that looks like a real tooth. When you turn to the team at Heritage Dental Associates, this is exactly what you’ll get. The dental crowns we offer are often made from porcelain, which is not only incredibly durable but also mimics the look of real tooth enamel. It even offers a similar light reflection to real teeth so once your crown is fitted and placed it will blend right in.

Improve Your Appearance

When you have a tooth that is discolored or misshapen it throws your whole smile off. This is another reason crowns are beneficial for a person’s smile. If you have a damaged tooth, chances are good that it also looks less than ideal. A crown can restore the tooth’s appearance once more so that you have that perfect smile.

Preserve Your Natural Smile

One of the main purposes of a dental crown is to cover and protect a tooth that is weak or damaged to prevent further injury to the tooth. A crown will also restore chewing and speaking to improve your bite so you don’t have any issues. Whenever possible, it is important to preserve your natural smile, and crowns are one way to do that.

Built to Last

Dental crowns that are made from porcelain are quite resilient, which means that they can easily withstand the powerful chewing forces of your jaws. You can easily bite and chew with confidence knowing that your crown is up for the challenge. With the proper care, a crown can last 15 years or longer!

If you are dealing with a damaged tooth, or if you have questions about the restorative services our Fayetteville, GA, family dentist Dr. Kendrick offers here at Heritage Dental Associates, simply call our practice at (770) 460-9795 to schedule your next visit.

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