Close the Gaps In Your Smile

Have lost teeth changed the way your smile looks? Our Fayetteville, GA, dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Kendrick of Heritage Dental dental implantsAssociates, explain how dental implants can restore your missing teeth.

An artificial tooth that feels real

Dental implants feel very much like "real" teeth. The titanium implants serve as replacement roots and ensure that your new teeth never move when you eat, even when you bite into an apple. After the implants bond to your jawbone, they're topped with dental crowns that are visible above your gums.

A simple process

The dental implant process begins with a minor oral surgical procedure to place the implants in your jawbone. You'll receive local anesthetic at the beginning of your appointment and won't feel a thing during the procedure. It takes about three to six months for complete bonding to occur. After the implant fuses to your jawbone, a connector called an abutment will be added to it. A few weeks after you receive your abutment, you'll return to our Fayetteville office for your crown.

Important benefits for your oral health

Replacing missing teeth keeps other teeth from shifting. When teeth move, they tend to overlap, which can make it difficult to completely remove plaque from your teeth. Dental implants help keep your teeth straight and easy to clean. In fact, you only need to brush and floss daily to keep your implant in good shape. Flossing is particularly important, as it can help prevent an infection that can cause implant failure.

Dental implants also prevent jawbone resorption, a common problem that occurs after tooth loss. Without roots to stimulate your jawbone, it will gradually become weaker and may even shrink. The problem can lead to loosening and loss of teeth and may also affect your appearance. Because your jawbone supports your facial muscles, sagging can occur in the lower half of your face if your jawbone recedes. Thanks to your implant, your jawbone will remain strong and healthy.

Are you ready to find out if dental implants are a good choice for you? Call our Fayetteville, GA, dentist, Dr. Jeffrey Kendrick of Heritage Dental Associates, at (770) 460-9795 to schedule an appointment.