Discover the Benefits of Dental Implants

Do you wish to replace some missing teeth but still avoid conventional bridges and dentures? Then, come to Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville, GA, and talk to Dr. Jeffery Kendrick about dental implants. These innovative artificial teeth substitute for real teeth in every way, including appearance, function, and form.

The specifics on dental implants

Dental implants do something no other tooth replacement can. Due to a bonding process called osseointegration, titanium implant devices improve the size, shape, and density of the jaw bone in which they reside. This natural melding of bone and metal anchors the extension post and porcelain crown attached to the implant. Plus, osseointegration keeps on working every time the patient bites and chews on the new tooth.

Additionally, dental implants can be placed in multiples of two, four, or six, depending on location. Therefore, they anchor bridgework to replace one or more missing teeth. Or, implants support and permanently retain full dentures for a smile which looks and feels totally realistic.

Additional benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are versatile. They may be placed at the front, sides of back of the mouth. In his Fayetteville office, Dr Kendrick does complete dental implant evaluations, including the health and density of the jaw bone. This information is critical to dental implant success.

With this complete evaluation, you're practically assured a long-lasting treatment. In fact, the Institute of Dental Implant Awareness (IDIA) states that most dental implants succeed and function for a lifetime.

Moreover, dental implants:

  • Do not decay and fail only infrequently when exposed to excessive physical stresses, tobacco smoke, or the accumulation of plaque and tartar around implant sites
  • Are easy to care for with at-home brushing and flossing and in-office examinations and cleanings
  • Improve speech
  • Deliver complete strength in biting and chewing
  • Look real and feel very natural
  • Increase confidence and improve self-image
  • Retain adjoining natural teeth in their original positions, size, and shape
  • Often motivate tobacco users to quit the habit

Come see us

A dental implant consultation at Heritage Dental Associates will detail the treatment for you. The in-office surgery is simple and very well-tolerated. Dr. Jeffery Kendrick and his team in Fayetteville, GA, welcome older teens and adults to explore the many possibilities smile restoration with dental implants offer. Call us for an appointment: (770) 460-9795.