Don't Settle For An Incomplete Smile

Tooth loss doesn’t mean you have to just give up on your smile. We are here to help.

Losing a tooth can be a scary experience, but you might be surprised to hear about all the other complications and repercussions that dental implantshappen if you don’t have our Fayetteville, GA dentists, Dr. John Kendrick and Dr. Jeffrey Kendrick, treat your tooth loss. With a now open gap in your smile, the rest of your teeth may shift into that open gap causing a misaligned or even crooked smile. To stop these issues from happening, it’s time you considered dental implants.

If you were to look at a dental implant it may not seem like much but this small metal screw or post will take over the responsibility of your missing tooth roots. Tooth roots are an essential part of your tooth as they stimulate the jawbone and help maintain good bone health. Without tooth roots the jawbone would begin to deteriorate, so by replacing your missing tooth roots with an implant, we can prevent bone loss.

During the first procedure, our Fayetteville dentist will place the implant into the jawbone where the missing tooth used to be. Once this is complete the gums are then stitched back up and your mouth is given months to heal. While your mouth is healing a pretty amazing phenomenon is happening under your gums: the tissue and bone surrounding the implant are beginning to heal and fuse together with the biocompatible metal implant. This process is known as osseointegration and it’s the reason behind the success of dental implants.

Once osseointegration is complete, we will need to open up the gums once more to attach a piece known as an abutment over the implant. An abutment serves to connect the implant with the dental crown. Some implants come with an abutment already connected and don’t require these additional steps, but most implants will need an abutment placed over top. From there, a false tooth will be cemented over the abutment to complete your restoration.

Implants are an incredible option for any healthy individual dealing with tooth loss. Whether you are looking to replace one or all of your teeth, implants can help. Besides supporting a single dental crown several implants can be placed to support a dental bridge or a full set of dentures.

Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville, GA is here to provide you with the best dental services possible. If you want to find out if dental implants are right for you then call our office today to schedule your consultation.