Give Strength Back to Your Damaged Tooth

The American College of Prosthodontists, a professional organization of dentists expert in tooth replacement, says that the dental crown is today's most common dental restoration. Previously fashioned from only from gold, metal alloys or porcelain fused to metal, dental Crownscrowns are now available as solid ceramic restorations. They completely cover teeth damaged by extensive decay, injury or congenital malformation. The result is good-looking and functioning teeth that last for years.

Giving Strength Back to Your Tooth

At Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville, Drs. Jeffrey Kendrick and John Kendrick preserve failing teeth with dental crowns. They examine the patient's mouth and takes digital x-rays to determine if a tooth could benefit from a crown. If so, they proceed with an oral impression of the patient's mouth and specifically, the tooth needing restoration.

Dr. Kendrick gently removes the decayed portion of the tooth and any leftover filling material. He shapes the tooth appropriately so it can receive the crown. He places a "temporary crown" over the prepared tooth and sends treatment instructions to an outside dental lab where the permanent crown is fabricated.

In a week or so, the patient returns to Heritage Dental Associates in Fayetteville for placement of the new crown. Dental crowns are strong and lifelike, bonded in place and adjusted to perfectly fit the site and to bite together exactly with teeth in the opposite arch.

Caring for a Fayetteville Crown

If you practice good oral hygiene, a dental crown lasts 7 to 10 years or beyond. While a crown cannot decay, the site can develop gum disease if the individual does not brush well or floss between teeth and at the gumline. Versatile restorations, dental crowns may support a single or multiple tooth bridge. In addition, all-ceramic crowns cover today's most innovative restorations, dental implants.

Just One on a Wide Menu

Dr. john Kendrick and Dr. Jeff Kendrick offer many outstanding restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. The dental crown supports and beautifies a damaged tooth, frequently as part of a complete smile makeover which includes whitening, bonding, porcelain veneers or other services.

If you wish to strengthen your smile and improve its aesthetics, contact Heritage Dental Associates, PC for a consultation. The professional team will find the best solution for your smile. Call (770) 460-9795.